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Discrimination-free health for LGBTQ+ people and people with a migratory background. Online.

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Tolerance and diversity instead of exclusion

Looking for medicine can be delicate and confusing. Medevity aims to provide fast and secure access to healthcare for most LGBTQ+ patients and patients with the migration background. With your kind feedback, our online care platform will become a reality.

Dr. Ischenko, Founder

"In any medical setting, it is essential that everyone, regardless of their sexual orientation, gender identity, race, or ethnic background, is granted the fundamental rights to life and social integration. All individuals should feel acknowledged and comfortable within healthcare environments, ensuring their ability to exercise these rights."



What we do

Our care includes general, mental, endocrine, metabolic, cardiovascular and gastroenterological care, infectious disease specialists, voice therapists, gender assessment assistance care, as well as social, psychological, and rehabilitative care programs.

How it works

Using telemedicine, patients will be able to communicate with our licensed doctors and receive medical care remotely through a computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. Fast, safely, and anywhere.

Why we do it

Our goal is to primarily focus on gender and cultural equality, expand secure access to competent care, and finally make healthcare more equal and inclusive.

Why Medevity?


Discrimination-free space

Eliminating health disparities by removing social stigmas and “lack of knowledge” discrimination arising out of ignorance, violence, and victimization.



Mostly all national insurance providers cover telehealth services. We will charge a regular fee for the platform usage from our associated members or a once-off appointment fee for unauthorized users.


Transgender health

If you wish to discuss options for hormone therapy or surgery, our medical and psychologist team will be able to help with the restrictions, evaluations, first assessments, and further clinical referrals.



Simply connect anonymously with a multidisciplinary team of doctors and psychologists to get answers, individualized guidance on your physical and mental issues.



Fast, comfortable, and secure online access to physical and mental health with a strong focus on holistic healthcare programs, normally missed in hospital settings.



We combine our competence with modern digital health technologies keeping learning from others who are experienced in providing care for LGBTQ+ patients and patients with the migratory background.

Medevity platform vs. traditional healthcare

Medevity On-site Care
Discrimination-free health care v x
High compliance v x
Conciliary holistic care v x
24/7 mental health support v x
Privacy & secure communication v x
Easy appointment schedule v x
In-Platform ranking v x
Easy to find specialists v x
Access anytime & everywhere v x
E-prescription & virtual doctor's note v x

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Frequently Asked Questions

Telemedicine and on-demand telemedical services provide a significant contribution to digital health creating fast and easy access to modern mental and physical healthcare. Today physicians may choose to visit their patients online securely via video consultations — with no prior face-to-face communication.

Together with our medical specialists, we make sure that almost all health issues and patient concerns can be discussed remotely, since many diseases or their diagnosis and treatment do not require a physical examination on-site. In addition, our physicians and psychologists will have profound experience in supporting LGBTQ+ individuals and individuals with the migration background — they will take care of their patients holistically and most individually.

An online visit works mainly the same as talking to a doctor on site. As with other practices, all consultations will follow strict medical guidelines. The doctor will ask you about your well-being and other symptoms you are experiencing to create a treatment or testing plan. You will also be able to upload and share your data, such as medical history, your records, medication schedules, lab results, or diagnostic scans.

All specialists offer ongoing monitoring with periodic evaluations as needed. If necessary, you become medical prescriptions (e-Rx) and/or sick leave certificates the same day as your appointment. All relevant documents and certificates will be possible to find in your profile.

To successfully speak with one of our specialists, it is also necessary that you have a fast and stable internet connection, ideally WiFi or at least 3G. To connect with doctors or psychologists, you will require our app — our specialists will call you via the app at the scheduled appointment time. As soon as the doctor has started the appointment, you can immediately join the video consultation. For statutory insured persons (GKV) — please keep your insurance card nearby.

If there will be any conditions that would argue against telemedicine-based care, our consultants will kindly refer you to an on-site physician or medical practice near you.

All national health insurance companies will cover the costs of medical care on our platform. Patients with statutory health insurance do not require any further action — the costs will be usually covered by the health insurance scheme.

Privately insured patients and individuals who will pay out-of-pocket will receive an electronic invoice following each appointment. They can then submit it to their health insurance provider for further compensation. The costs are based on the legally defined fees for physicians (GOÄ) and are therefore completely transparent.

All platform fees and additional services will be conducted upon your agreement and will be invoiced separately. The issues of medical prescriptions (e-Rx), as well as sick leave certificates, will be carried out at no additional costs.

In order to ensure that our society can enjoy a long and healthy life, it is necessary to eliminate health inequalities and discrimination, thus strengthening efforts to further improve the well-being of all LGBTQ+ persons and persons with the migration background. We are committed to implementing holistic healthcare programs and are proud to support diversity and inclusion within the German healthcare workforce.

We facilitate a variety of applications in modern telemedicine - synchronous and asynchronous communication, certified video care, as well as In-app chat interaction. We further offer the most secure way to digitally communicate with patients' data, their shared records, and/or diagnostic scans.

By serving on our platform you will be able to significantly reduce your routine overload while physically expanding your service area. We offer diverse educational courses to ensure you will stay up-to-date with all advantages of telemedical care in your daily work.

When practising telemedicine, you can receive a technical refund and other subsidies according to the KBV. To make it easy for you to start, we can provide you with all the necessary individual technical and billing support.


Beatrix Zurek

Munich Municipal Councillor, Department of Healthcare (Germany)

“I see your project of a telemedicine care center for the LGBTQ population as a valuable contribution to reducing health inequalities and discrimination. The expansion of telemedicine is an important component of barrier-free access to health care”

Dr. Lars Hunze

Gematik, Telematics, and eHealth, Federal Ministry of Health (Germany)

“Last but not least, the experience of the corona pandemic illustrates the growing importance of video consultations. Telemedical applications and procedures can contribute to simplifying access for insured persons to medical and psychotherapeutic care in various areas of care. Innovative approaches can always offer new impulses for the further development of care ”


Dr. Ivan Ischenko


Peter Zhiryakov

Business development and strategic partnerships
About Medevity

Providing inclusive health for LGBTQ+ patients and patients with the migratory background. We offer virtual care to individuals who avoid on-site visits and regular check-ups. We understand that such outcomes are often a result of interpersonal and “lack-of-knowledge” discrimination in a healthcare setting. Our mission is to fill in those gaps.

We recognize that healthcare should be inclusive, welcoming, culturally sensitive, and respectful of diversity. We strongly vote for holistic principles of medical and psychosocial care for all patients of all ages. We are a company for diverse people, by diverse people, and we’d love to care for you!

Legal Info

Medevity is a pilot project. We do not offer health and social care services at present, the information provided here can be used exceptionally for your general and educational purposes. At present, we conduct market research aiming to acquire users. We still cannot guarantee our platform will be executed in the future. By accepting the subscription plan, visitors will give their consent to support our platform and will agree on collecting their personal data. The gratuitous membership excludes possible costs from announced health and social care services. Please, learn more about our Terms and Conditions here.

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